Here are some encouraging words from readers who were impacted by these resources.

5 June 2017

I am delighted to write to you concerning the subject matter of the Holy Spirit. I have been struggling with this subject for some time now. I am thankful for the book on The Holy Spirit because it has cleared a lot of doubts. God bless you.

-Paul O., Kenya

16 December 2016

I have read the book God’s Love Affair With the Guilty and love it! I sent the information to everyone on my Christmas card list, so you may get a lot of orders. Pastor Lehman came to Fort Vermilion, Alberta when he was in the Canadian Union and visiting all over Canada. He truly was a pastor to the pastors. He influenced my life so much…. I am so grateful that you have made a way to keep his sermons in print and on line.

– Betty V., Washington

10 December 2013

Here is my final payment for the Christ Our Righteousness books. Thanks so much for the material. Our women’s study group is gaining such a blessing.

– Ruth B., California

9 June 2013

I would like to share my deep gratitude and appreciation for your website. Praise the Lord for putting on your heart(s) to put such a site together. Pastor Bill’s CD’s are one of which go out often from our similar ministry. The Lord blessed him with such beautiful insights into the goodness and trustfulness of the Lord as man’s Righteousness…. Receive our great thanks for your willing efforts to let the wonderful message of the Truth of Christ our Righteousness spread through your website and do its wonderful work in the hearts of the willing. Godspeed to your ministry….

– Daniel M., Australia

6 January 2013

I do remember what a wonderful experience it was to be listening and typing those beautiful sermons in the Christ Our Righteousness message. What a blessing it was to hear the word of God to be put in simple language that I could understand. Pastor Lehman went into such great detail on each of the tapes on this subject that I learned something new from each sermon. And I do remember how I felt when I typed them and sometimes crying because of such hope and a blessing I received. And kneeling down and praising God for who He is and seeing how awesome He is.

– Debra, Colorado

[Editor’s Note: Debra is the lady who helped transcribe the 32 sermons of Christ Our Righteousness series into a manuscript so that it could be printed into a book. Thank you!]

25 December 2012

I had been out of the SDA church for fifteen years. Before I came back to God I was so depressed, discouraged and down because of what was happening in my life (divorce and also no work), I was ready to just give up and quit. I had contemplated ending my life…. So, I started listening to Bill Lehman’s sermons on the CD. I was so amazed at the words this man spoke. It was like someone flipped on a light-switch, and all of of sudden I could see, see things that I had never realized or thought of before. I was raised with the idea that as Seventh-Day-Adventist, everything was about rules, you couldn’t do this and you couldn’t do that, and the Ten Commandments were also just ten more rules. When I heard pastor Lehman speak, the Holy Spirit spoke through that man to my heart and everything began to make sense…. I praise God that He worked out a way for me to listen to the Bill Lehman sermons in the “Christ Our Righteousness” series. God spoke to my heart and changed my life… forever. Literally.

– Clif, Southern California

December 2011

I came across Bill Lehman’s material by accident, and I thank you for the great pack of information on your web-site. I got the book Christ Our Righteousness straight away, and listened to as many of his recorded sermons I could find…. I find his presentation like a breath of fresh air that we desperately need at this stage of earth’s history…. The wonderful change in my wife’s approach and my own to a new centre of belief has been so swift and all-encompassing to be beyond all human understanding. Already, we have already been able to successfully use the centrality of the person of Jesus in witness to others. God bless you and your fellow believers in your work on that web site.

– Don, Western Australia

13 December 2005

I am writing to tell you how much the Lehman sermons have been a blessing to me. He is such a good teacher and I understand righteousness by faith clearer than ever before – how that it is not just a message of Rev 18:1-5, Sabbath, etc, but people with a living experience. So encouraging. Would these messages be transcribed? Would love them in written form if available.

– Charles, Tennessee

[Editor’s Note: The transcript of the Christ Our Righteousness sermons is available in pdf format. To open or download the transcript, choose “FREE EBOOKS” from the menu. We hope to have other sermon title transcripts posted soon.]

27 October 2003

The words in the book Christ Our Righteousness are pure spiritual gold.”

– Beth, Washington State

3 June 1998

We have been listening and listening and listening and listening to his [Elder Bill Lehman] series on “Blessed Are the Guilty.” We just can’t stop listening to them. Elder L has been of great help to us personally and we want to get more of those sermons out there. God bless you in your ministry.

– Kevin, Louisville, KY

(Minor editing may have been done on the above testimonies.)

5 June 2017